20 Great Horror Gift Ideas for Geeks

If you are reading this I am going to assume you are looking to buy a horror gift for your horror geek friend or loved one and you are stuck. You probably want to get them something unique and not over done.

What do you get them that they don’t already have?

Don’t worry, that is what I am here for. I have been there myself and I feel your pain. Without further stalling let me present the 20 horror gift ideas I have found for your needs.


1) Human Skull Fire Logs

This is just cool! For adding some extra horror fun to camp fires or the chimney. CLICK TO LEARN MORE!

2) Barking Skeleton Dog

Super cool and freaky, this skeleton dog barks at anyone who comes near it and the red eyes make it more frightening. CLICK TO LEARN MORE!


3) Crawling Zombie Garden Gnome

Make that garden even cooler with this horror statement and one-up the neighbors at the same time. CLICK TO LEARN MORE!


4) Grim Reaper Wall Mirror

This is a beautiful yet spooky piece of furniture, imagine the ‘ghost stories’ guest will claim with this gift. CLICK TO LEARN MORE!


5) Lucille Bat from Walking Dead

Any true horror fan would be thrilled to have zombie smashing Lucille as part of their collection. CLICK TO LEARN MORE!


6) Hellraiser Lament Cube

This horror gift will go great on their office desk with a prop from Clive Barkers masterpiece. CLICK TO LEARN MORE!



7) Heat sensitive Zombie Coffee Mug

This awesome mug changes color to reveal a hungry Zombie with heat. CLICK TO LEARN MORE!


8) Jason Voorhees Shot Glasses

Who said shot glasses are only good travel gifts? NO ONE! These shot glasses make a great horror gift. CLICK TO LEARN MORE!


9) Dragon Door Knocker

Either for the front door or any door in the home, this makes a true horror fan accent to the décor. CLICK TO LEARN MORE!


10) Grim Reaper Incense Burner

Combined with the right scents this gift has incredible potential and makes for an amazing touch of spookiness. CLICK TO LEARN MORE!


11) Horror Slasher 4 Voodoo Doll Keychain Set

Jason, Freddy, Michael and Leatherface will be there to protect your keys even when you are not looking. CLICK TO LEARN MORE!


12) Glow in the Dark Horror Movie Wall Clock

Do you know what time it is? These Horror Film icons will make sure horror fans will remember with this clock. CLICK TO LEARN MORE!


13) Mini Biohazard Tape

This unique roll of tape will help keep documents together and away from prying eyes. CLICK TO LEARN MORE!


14) Skull USB Hub

Another cool gift for the office or at home. This also doubles as a bowl to hold pens, pencils, markers or anything else. CLICK TO LEARN MORE!


15) Resident Evil Baseball Cap

Everyone enjoys a good hat, why not gear up with the Umbrella Corporation? CLICK TO LEARN MORE!


16) Scary clown adults coloring book

This horror gift combines the enjoyment of a coloring book with the fear of clowns, great for those Pennywise fans. CLICK TO LEARN MORE!


17) Scream Queens Cosmetic Bag

Carry around all your Scream Queen make-up with this cute bag, if you make it. CLICK TO LEARN MORE!


18) Zombie Machete

For those fans who need to have a backup plan for the Zombie Apocalypse, this machete will come in handy CLICK TO LEARN MORE!


19) Bloody Hands shower curtain

This shower curtain is just too much fun and will give guests a memorable experience when using the bathroom. CLICK TO LEARN MORE!


20) Facehugger Cookie Jar

Don’t open it, those are the oatmeal cookies! Need I say more? LOL! CLICK TO LEARN MORE!



I hope you enjoyed this list and it helps you find the perfect gift for your horror geek or maybe you found something for yourself. Please don’t forget to sign up for my newsletter, like and share this article.

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