4 Best Improvements to Dark Fantasy Authors Websites with Inforgraphic

To expand on the infographic I will fill in each section with more details from my experience of building a webpage. Please keep in mind these steps alone are not enough to obtain a top level website. These are basic tips to help build a stronger author website foundation.
Domain Authority
I can get techy all day with this but keeping it brief this is what you need to work on to increase search engine traffic flow.  Research each bullet point above on your own, it is not as technical as you think and it will help in the long run. On Average you should see a noticeable increase of organic traffic within 3 months. Ref. http://www.moz.com/beginners-guide-to-seo
Low Cost Critique
This is what I don’t understand to be honest. We as authors know how important a Beta Reader is for the success of our books. So why don’t you spend $5, $10 or even $15 on a Web design Beta reader? Even if you are paying a website designer it is an inexpensive 2nd opinion. I had one done for this website and it only cost me $5 to get pointers on expanding. And I am using WIX which is not even recommended as a good starting point. Ref. https://www.fiverr.com/
Untapped Online Marketing
Self-explanatory and basic but still ignored by the masses of writers. Twitter is AWESOME, Facebook is a must. But there are so many FREE tools and platforms out there that are under used. Stumbleupon.com is a hidden gem most don’t consider. I used it for a fashion blog years ago and traffic would trickle in from it. One time I posted a fashion/ music article and within 24 hours I got over 210 visitors from that one post for free. Google Alerts on your books and your Blog articles will let you know who is talking about your work!
Diversify Blog
If you have read this far do I really need to explain this point?

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