5 Tools for Horror Fiction Success

We have all heard time and again advice what makes an awesome horror fiction smash hit from just about every player in the horror game. But what have we heard? “A memorable killer!” “As much gore as possible!”” Load it with a corny one liner!”

Scratch all that!

If great horror fiction is based on just that then you would not need to put in the work. Is there a sure-fire element a horror writer, screenwriter or indie director can use to get that smash hit? NO!

But, I offer the next best thing.

There are a few tools for creative gymnastics of your imagination to use. Call them a shift in gears , but I have found that these little items to do the trick to get you to the next stop in your creative journey. I am not talking about taking long walks or buying goldfish or even taking a short vacation. Let me stop yapping and give you what you came for.

1)Variety Flavored Coffee

I am not talking about buying generic brand of coffee. In my experience mixing up the flavors gets me to shift gears. It helps as I write horror fiction and I have noticed that drinking different flavors or brands of coffee effect my writing. I prepared a fresh cup of Cinnamon Roll Coffee when the idea to write this piece hit me. I have experimented with different variety packs of brands that have worked for me such as Victor Allens, Caza Trail and Donut Shop Coffee. I have even gone as far as using gourmet coffee syrup on my regular cups of Joe and it gave alternate results. Don’t knock it until you have tried it.


2) Fidget Gadgets

I don’t like those dumb fidget gadgets until I need them to get past a part of my horror fiction which has me stumped. I admit I was a skeptic about how effective these gadgets would be since I had tried stress balls in the past. But when my wife purchased a few of those idiotic things and placed one on my desk, I gave it a try. They work and I have to admit it. One time when stuck on a scene I kept rewriting, I took up a fidget cube in one hand with a cup of coffee in the other. After several clicks and java sips everything became clearer . I still think it is stupid but as a wise man told me once, “If it’s stupid but it works, then it isn’t stupid.”


3)VooDoo Doll Therapy

This sounds dumber than the first two on this list, but some of my coworkers used this therapy. Especially, during Fantasy Football season! The truth is sometimes you can pin point what is giving you that block but you can’t do anything about it. A good way of dealing with an issue is Jinxing the issue itself! And you can either use the actual Voodoo doll or the Paper Voodoo Notepad. It doesn’t matter if the issue is Tom Brady projected to have an awesome game or Tom the character in the next horror scene you are working on, apply voodoo in the mix and torture away until you are clear to proceed. The fun in applying a jinx to your issues will work like a charm to get you past them.


4)Themed Incense

This one is a little tricky as some of the scents can be bothersome and some can go well with your goals. I did not care for incense as I considered it a ‘whatever’ type décor accent my wife would use. But after writing a few chapters, I have found walking into a room with a different scent to be soothing and it goes well with creating horror fiction content. For you new comers to incense I recommend to go a with a new age Bottle Incense burner since it is the least messy  one to use and takes up less space. I also recommend incense bundle sticks until you find the scents that work for you. I use Dragons Blood, Dragons Fire and Midnight Champa. I don’t write in the same room the incense is burning in but I leave it in a separate room where I would go to when I need a change of pace. It helps change your mood and can also change your creativity.


5)Running Water

This goes best along with my previous suggestion but can work by itself. The sound of running water is either soothing or it might want to make you go to the bathroom. For relaxing and getting your mind settled, a good indoor water fountain accent will do just fine. Place it at the corner of your office or on a corner of your desk. Sit next to a water fountain for a while and find out if it helps you. This may be the one item you are missing to get you a little further in your content creation.

I hope this helps you in your horror fiction content creation. Don’t forget to share this article and subscribe to my mailing list.



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