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Early on

Jonuel Negron grew up with two abilities that gave him both an edge and took him to the edge; a talent to come up with new stories and a wise cracking mouth to deliver them. He wrote several stories from grade school all the way through college but never published them.

Later in Life

At 24 he put his writing dreams on pause to join the US Army as an IT Engineer. In the twelve years he served he traveled the world visiting numerous cultures. He served in the Afghanistan war where his wise cracking mouth helped him through the tough times.

After being honorably discharged from the US Army he became a government contractor in the Iraq war and returned to the Afghanistan war.


Full Circle

At 41 he started his writing career up again from the heart of the Afghanistan war. He wrote the Paranormal Horror ‘Mid Harvest Road’ Short Story and the follow up ‘I Understand’ Novella while working in Bagram/Afghanistan.

When asked why does he write horror?
His answer was, “I lived a horror story, so it makes it easy to write one.”






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