Are Horror Fans Superstitious?

There are normal superstitions which are shared by every one of the general population on the planet. Beliefs in ghosts, curses and the boogey man. The cries of specific feathered creatures like owls or ravens or the meowing of felines are can be the root of superstitious origins in some parts of the globe.

It is additionally a typical conviction that when comets are seen, they forecast the passing of extraordinary men. A few superstitions should bring good fortunes or joy. In the event that one finds a horse shoe out in the open could convey fortunes to the discoverer. Breaking a mirror is said to cause seven years of bad luck. Superstitious, superstitious, and superstitious but still our societies in general repeat such sayings as though they had a hint of truth to them.

But aren’t most Horror Fans already Superstitious?

Many people believe in this generalized concept that superstitious movies are targeted to the audience who believe in such phenomenon. However, this is a very controversial statement to make. It is not necessary that all horror fans are superstitious; there are many other types of fans and people who are obsessed with watching such movies and reading such content.

Examples on the Types of horror fans who aren’t superstitious:

  1. Horror Book Fans: Fans who are really into the horror book genre and watch movies to top off their demons (not literally though). These fans could have R.L Stine’s Superstitious novel a hundred times growing and not one of them would have owned a single rabbit’s foot.

  2. Vintage Horror Lovers: Fans who will always compare relaunched or revamped horror movies to the original horror classics. These fans have watched all old horror movies with thrilling plots and visuals that were scary enough to give them a hard time sleeping at night. A Fan that thinks ‘Why ruin a perfection?’ does not make them invest heavily in superstition.

  3. The Horror Mr. Know It All: These are the horror fans who have a self-appointed degree in this genre and have set a mental criteria on how to judge horror. They will pick on flaws and give their suggestions on how it could have been even more terrifying. Even if they know every detail of a superstitious saying, they are not superstitious.

  4. Paranormal Fiction Fans: Paranormal fans cherish repulsiveness and supernatural graphics since they’re fixated on what may be out there. They want a spooky ghost to animate objects or poses some character to make a near unstoppable antagonist. They want to know they agonizing story that fuels the spirit behind the acts of violence. But expecting a logical story outcome to a supernatural event is not being superstitious, it is being entertained by a story.

  5. Crazy Horror Fan: Fans of those stories serial killers. The mentally disturbed whom have no issues to take a life and have a need to kill. Examples are in famed slasher films like Southbound or historically fiction books the based on famous serial killer Jack the Ripper such as Sherlock Holmes And The Autumn of Terror by Randy Williams. How anyone can put the stigma of these horror fans being superstitious is beyond me.

How can Horror fans be seen as superstitious?

When one of the most famous horror franchises of all times is called ‘Friday the 13th’, well that can hint at being superstitious. That alone isn’t enough to surmise an entire fan base of a genre is superstitious. A case can then be made for other examples of superstitious based horror films such as; Candyman, Hellraiser, Scream and The Village.

That proves that Horror fans are superstitious right?

Well, only if you consider anyone who has watched and is a fan of the Avengers must think Super Heroes are real. Anyone who is a fan Transformers must think robotic life forms are real. And anyone who is a fan of Star Wars must think the prophecy of Luke Skywalker is real. Hmm…

Concluding, horror fans ought not to be labeled superstitious, and to say that is a rather vague statement at best.

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