From Heartthrob to Horror: Actor Drew Leighty

This week I have a guest who.has melted hearts and sent pulses racing, not just from his horror work mind you. To my readers I present Actor and Model, Mr. Drew Leighty.

“Drew Leighty is known for his work on The Exchange (2017), Freyja (2017) and Never Hike Alone (2017).”-

Thank you for honoring s with a quick interview Drew, let’s get this started!

Jonuel: What can you do as an actor in Horror Roles that you can’t do with other roles? 

Drew: I think the great thing about horror roles is you can display stages of fear. I’m not saying in romance you can’t display stages love, or action you can’t show your heart racing. However I think there’s so many different levels to fear. There’s that creepy sensation we get shooting up our spine, there’s that jumping startled one that throws you back into the wall, then there’s that adrenaline rush you feel when you’re backed into a corner and the only chance you have of survival is to fight back. Like with story telling you’re waiting to hit that climax so you’re building up the suspense waiting to show that adrenaline rush and going through the stages it takes, with your audience by your side


Jonuel: What would be your dream role and what would you bring to it?

Drew: I would have loved to have played Kevin “Wendell” Crumb in Split. I love new opportunities and being able to play not just one personality but 23 (24?) different personalities within a single character is an actor’s dream. I would have brought heart to my work behind the character and by that I mean dedication and commitment to studying each personality of the character and I would have brought disturbance to the set, ultimately setting the mood. However I think James McAvoy did an amazing job from what I’ve read and seen in the trailers as he does with all of his work.


Jonuel: What are the most common phrases said to you by your female fans?

Drew: Can I take a picture with you? And what they don’t know is they may get one of me smiling but that second one I will definitely be doing something weird, creepy, or in some shape or form, not all there.


Jonuel: Tell me about a time when you had a really bad day but had to perform that night. How did you get through it?

Drew: I don’t think I’ve ever had a terrible day before work, I had a terrible stunt that was during my first take. It was actually on Never Hike Alone, I was doing some fight choreography with Jason Vorhees’s Stunt Double Bryan Forrest, and I’m not sure if he walked into it or my swing was too big but I hit the corner of the eye hole of the mask and split my middle knuckle to the bone and gave Bryan and bloody nose. We had a medic- also the stunt coordinator on set so she did some minor cleaning and basically band aided the cut back together so we could continue shooting through the night. That entire night I just thought about the medic’s promise to me: she was going to reopen the cut clean it out then seal it back, while I sat there drinking the stunt team’s moonshine.


Jonuel: Can you please tell our fans about the work you are doing now?

Drew: Right now I actually just finished illustrating a children’s book for an animal shelter’s charity, it will be called “Adore A Bull.” Proceeds will go to a non-kill shelter in Cincinnati Ohio. I also just got back from work in Orlando where we talked about possibly writing a Pilot for a Greek Mythology concept, surrounding The Titan Series written by Jennifer L. Armentrout. I am still working on Never Hike Alone as well which should be wrapped in June depending on weather and I also have a final scene in Freyja that will be completed next week I believe.


On to unleash the Blurb, take it away Drew:

Kind of just reiterating what I said in the previous question, my children’s book “Adore A Bull” will be out for purchase this month, and if you follow me on social media you’ll be able to find it. It’s for a good cause and It really strikes home with me because I have been working with animal shelters for 8 years where I actually saved my first dog a pitbull/boxer mix. This is my first ever illustration job, and it’s great being a children’s book since I have a 4 year old son. Also stay tuned for the Pilot, I literally just sat down to write the opening sequence last night so more still to come. Stay tuned for updates on Never Hike Alone as well, we have a lot of positive growth with this project and if you want to help out since we are a fan film (our budget comes from our Kickstarter essentially), head to and contact them. We have a truly amazing team who have been working in film for many years. People that have come to help (literally put in time and effort for free because they believe in what we’ve set out so far) out from sets like Power Rangers, The Revenant, American Horror Story, Fear The Walking Dead, and our director is amazing himself. Vinny DiSanti has put on just about every hat in the industry and put this entire project together. He is our mastermind and such a great talent to work with. I want to predict this now before it releases but we could be talking about one of the greatest director’s of our era with Vin.

Here’s my social media:

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