Gothic Horror Identity

You might have seen a tragic end to some of the love stories around you and some of them might have included deaths. As horrifying to explain as in real. Gothic horror is a division of literature that contains both romance and horror. It also has an element of fiction and death. It is often viewed as the most interesting form of horror that can hold a reader’s curiosity for long. It is a more atmospheric type of literature and should not be confused with paranormal romance. It was first introduced by Horace Walpole, with his 1764 novel The Castle of Otranto.

Gothic horror is referred as the infinity that is made imaginable. It introduces you to a pleasant form of terror and mystery. The seemingly beautiful romantic ventures lead to a horrible end. Love and death is the basic essence of gothic.

Famous American gothic Authors:

Gothic novels allow the readers and writers to construct the feelings of death, decay, curses and fear of the unknown. It involves strange and troubling events. It follows a plot of suspense that intrigues the reader throughout.

Gothic films are beautiful  in terms of the kind of philosophy they attempt to grapple with —the relationship of the living to the dead, and the strange, vertiginous attraction that the spiraling unknown can exert, even as it terrifies the hell out of us at the same time. The lavish production design also plays an important role in the setting of horror plot.

Characteristics of Gothic Literature:

  • Supernatural creatures (ghosts, zombies, vampires)
  • Intense emotions
  • Damsels in distress
  • Madness
  • Gloomy and horrifying setting

It is an ancient form to depict romanticism via horror. Ancient Prophecy is randomly witnessed in the gothic literature which is often obscure or confusing. Dramatic events also take place in the story that make it more interesting. The emotions are intense and impulsive. The vocabulary for gothic is a bit different and sustains an atmosphere of mystery, fear, terror or sorrow. Female characters in the book gain sympathy more likely due to their weak build up.



An atmosphere of mystery and suspense is essential to initiate the story. This creates a sense of unease and foreboding. The characters in the story suffer from raw nerves and easily simulated emotions.

The Gothic Setting:

As it is an ancient literary form that is used to show a mixture of emotions and terror. It needs a stunning background/ context too. Some abandoned villa, forest or a haunted house in the suburbs of city could play the role. It should be a haunted space that corresponds to a haunted mind. The element of demons cannot be ignores too. The evil souls play with shades of grey or blood-red colors. They are creepy and scream at nights. In short, it is a vision of hell.


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