Interview with Actress Michelle Lewis

This week I have an interview with an actress from small town in Arkansas who is making some big waves in indie films. If you have binged watched some films on Netflix then you might have seen her work in The Price, Scattered, A Deadly Affair to Remember and Who the (Bleep) Did I Marry. I present to my readers Actress Michelle Lewis.

 “She has dreamt of being an actress since she was 5 years old. She has put everyone else first her whole adult life, but has now decided that it is HER time to make her dreams come true. She has every intention of going all out and winning all hearts and that coveted Academy Award.”-

Welcome Michelle and thank you for honoring us with this quick interview. Let’s get this interview started.

Jonuel: What can you share about your training?

Michelle: Honestly, I’ve very little training. Its always been a passion of mine, and growing up, there were no classes to take. So, I just practiced my own material and harnessed my skill on my own. I have taken a couple of workshops for auditioning, and I started an acting class, but was only able to attend 3 classes, due the long distance and schedule conflicts. So, I basically study films and the actors in them and critique and take mental notes of their performances and use that to my advantage.

Jonuel: When did you first perform?

Michelle: My very first legitimate performance in front of an audience was when I was in the 10th grade. I was cast in Annie as “Ms. Hannigan” and I won the acting award for that. While I’ve wanted to be a performer since I was 5, I know that that performance was the genesis of my acting passion.

Jonuel:  What’s the last thing you do before you step in front of a camera or on stage?
Michelle: Honestly, I don’t really do anything. Before I hear “Action”, I’m already trying to get my head in the right mindset. Get in the character’s head. So once I hear those words, I’m already there and I just go with it. Its liberating and therapeutic to me to be someone else for a while.
Jonuel: What role did you play that changed you?

Michelle: As an empath, I have felt probably every emotion known to man, so I’ve already been so many people on a personal level, acting aside. So, no role, as of this date, has actually changed me. I’m so multi-faceted, and have felt so much in my life, that I just take those emotions and use it fuel my fire for the particular character I’m supposed to be.

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Jonuel: Can you please tell our fans about the work you are doing now?

Michelle: Absolutely! I’ve recently written two screenplays. One feature length and one short. The feature length one is called “Beyond Dark” and it’s a psychological thriller. It’s based on the clown sightings that were common last year. Production starts this summer and I have an amazing cast and crew coming along with me. “Beyond Dark” has won in two film festivals so far and I’m still awaiting work on two more. The short that I’ve written is called “A Silence So Loud” and it’s also a thriller. I read a lot of Stephen King and I’m an avid reader of his work, so a lot of what I do is inspired by his writings.

My best friend, Loran Bolding, and I have decided to start our own production company, so we have. It’s called “L&M Productions” and we’re based out of Raleigh and Baltimore. We have 22 projects on our schedule and we are extremely busy and loving it all. She has written a thriller, also, called Redemption’s Price and I will be playing the lead villain in that production. She and I are also directing and producing these films. So, we are some busy women and we intend to turn the film industry upside down and take as many unknown talent with us. Hollywood is such a dark industry, and L&M Productions wants to shine a light in a dark industry. There are so many unknown people out there who have extraordinary talents and they should be seen. With Loran and I at the helm of this company, they WILL be.

On to unleash the Blurb, take it away Michelle:
Well, I don’t know what to say here..haha! I guess just never give up. I’ve dreamt of this my whole life and I’m not going to stop until I’m dead. Because, basically I’ll have no choice. Ha! But while I’m alive and breathing and capable, I will continue to make these dreams come true. And not just mine. I plan on helping anyone else along my path. I can live with trying and failing. I can NOT live with not trying. I’ll see you all on the silver screen soon. Much love and peace to you all. Please be good to each other.
Feel free to look us up on Facebook :L&M Productions, Beyond Dark and Redemption’s Price all have FB pages.
Twitter: @ladylew07lewis

Thank You for having me. I appreciate the opportunity to share my thoughts and ideas. Have a blessed day.

Thank you so much for the interview Michelle Lewis.

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