Interview with Fantasy Author Nick Korolev

In this article we have an exclusive interview with Fantasy Author Nick Korolev, Author of the Swamp Dragon. Let’s get this interview started.
​Jonuel: What does Success look like to you?
Nick: For me, literary success would be to be able to write full time and make a good comfortable income writing in the genres I work in and publish traditionally through my own efforts or with an agent as well as continuing to write stage and screenplays and do illustration work. One or two best sellers would be nice. Still, every book I have published traditionally is a part of that success.
Jonuel: What kind of research do you do, and how long do you spend researching before beginning a book?
Nick: Research depends on what I am writing about and how much history or science background is needed or whatever it takes to make the world building very real and believable to me and future readers.  I use everything from books to internet to the Science or Discovery Channel programs plus a very vivid imagination.  Time spent on research also depends on the world I am building, but my research is always finished before I block out the plot/story line.
Jonuel: What was the hardest scene to write?
Nick: In The Swamp Dragon the hardest scene to write was when the main protagonist, George Voorhees, a beloved local school teacher, first faces Sarah Cunningham, the woman he so deeply loves, in his new form – a dragon – to explain what happened to him after news reached her that he was mortally wounded by Boggs and his Confederate guerillas. I ended up setting it in her family barn when she went in to get corn for her family’s chickens with George hiding in the loft trying to tell the unbelievable truth to her as gently as possible rather than a head on confrontation that would scare her away forever,which would ruin the storyline.
Jonuel: How long on average does it take to write a book?
Nick: For me, it depends on what ages I am writing for and how complex the characters and story lines are plus self editing before sending it off to a pro.  It can take anywhere from three months to a year or slightly over depending on how much the real world intrudes on my writing time.  I must keep a “day job”.   I make an effort to work on a book project for at least an hour a day even if I only write a couple of paragraphs.
Jonuel: Do you believe in writer’s block?
Nick: I must confess I have never had a problem with it as crazy as that sounds, but I know other writers who have had the problem.  It might be because of my habits of making a detailed outline of where the basic plot is going with a beginning, middle and end, only changing things if desirable and that usually happens if a needed back-story pops up or extra clue is required to foreshadow events to come and I create my characters with short bios or descriptions before starting.  I also write the first draft from beginning to end and never jump around.
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