Interview with Horror Actress Georgie Smibert

This week I have a special interview with horror acting talent all the way from down under. Yes, I mean Australia. To my readers I happily present Actress and assistant director Georgie Smibert.

Her work can be seen in the films Cleaver: Rise of the Killer Clown, Six Lovers, Souls and Future’s Past. –

Welcome Georgie and thank you for honoring us with this quick interview. Let’s get this interview started.

Jonuel: What role did you play that changed you?
Georgie: I think this would have to be the role of Deputy Howells, in Cleaver: Rise of the Killer Clown by Mycho Entertainment. I moved from Melbourne, Australia to London in late January 2015, and was cast in this role around March that same year, so it was my first casting over here. It was also my first role as a principal character with an established company, my first role with a non-Australian accent, and as of a few weeks ago, became the first film available on Amazon Prime that I am in.

My involvement in the film and its success has really given me a confidence boost and the belief that I can take my acting anywhere in the world.

Jonuel: Do you have any unique skills apart from your acting which you can bring to a role?

Georgie: I’ve been very sporty my entire life, so I can confidently bring some form of physicality to my roles. I received my Standard, Level One Certificate from the British Academy of Dramatic Combat in November last year, and start working on Level 2 next week. I’m aiming to also completely Level 3 and to specialize in some weapons over the next couple of years.

Jonuel: Which was the hardest role you ever played and why?
Georgie: I’m going to cop out of this question a little because I can’t choose between two lead roles in short films, which each had their own challenges.
The first was in a silent film. I loved the fact that the film had no dialogue; the challenging part was that my character suffered from numerous psychological disorders and physicalized her pain through self-harm. There was a pivotal scene in the film where I had to pour acid over my own arm – getting into that space, and doing it over and over again, for an afternoon, was definitely challenging.

The second film was set in space – so it was filmed in a green screen studio and I had to imagine everything. It was the most amazing experience but it was tough technically as I was pretending to interact with computers which would be digitally added in post, so I had to make sure my actions were precise, made sense and were consistent!

Jonuel: What would be your dream role?

Georgie: My dream role is Kara Thrace / Starbuck in the TV series Battlestar Galactica (2004 – 2009). She is such an intensely complex character – a cocky, brash and hot headed soldier on one hand, but also truly authentic, fiercely loyal and full of love, in her own way! Furthermore, her role requires an awesome combination of emotion, dialogue and physicality, that I really look for in roles.

Jonuel: Can you please tell our fans about the work you are doing now?

Georgie: At the moment I’m filming a lead role in the next feature film from Hundy Gilbert Media – ‘The Brink’. It’s a dystopian film, set fifteen years after world war three, and after a nuclear winter which has wiped out most of civilization so the human race is on the brink of extinction.

A sequel to Cleaver: Rise of the Killer Clown, from Mycho Entertainment, is also in the early stages of development. They are currently in the final stages of pre-production for ‘Mask of Thorn’, which is the fifth feature film set in the Mycho Horror Universe, and the Cleaver sequel will be the sixth – so that’s something to look forward to for later in the year.

On to unleash the Blurb, take it away Georgie:

A bit about me… well I started acting five years ago, although I have wanted to act since I was a child – I was always just too scared to admit it to myself because it never seemed like something a little girl from Australia could do. Without meaning to (or perhaps, subconsciously I did), I snuck up on myself – I got into the production side of film first, and then over time, crossed over to the front of the camera. I still love working in production, especially as a 1st Assistant Director (AD), and if there is a film I’m passionate about, but there isn’t an acting role for me, I will get involved as an AD.

Aside from film work, I love to travel – after finishing school I took six months off to backpack around the world, and since then I’ve loved exploring different countries and cultures. Travel has always helped me put things in perspective. It’s easy for me to get bogged down in balancing everything in life, and small issues can seem like huge catastrophes if I focus on them – travel helps me to take the blinkers off and really put my issues into perspective.

One of my most influential quotes is from Henry Ford:
“If you think you can do a thing or you think you can’t do a thing, you’re right.”

I can’t remember exactly when or where I found it, but I would have been about thirteen years old and I wrote it on a little piece of blue note paper with flowers on it. I still have the original note, and I have moved it to every house, and every pin board I have used since then – and yes, I even brought it to London. It’s so simple, and works in every situation, no matter what I’m working towards. I also like it because it puts the power back in my hands – I find it easy to lose drive and motivation if I believe I don’t have the power to change something, but this reminds me that I always have the power, somehow.

Thank you so much for the interview Georgie Smibert. To all the fans of things that go bump in the night you can find so much more on Georgie Smibert on-line by;
Visiting her at;

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