Interview with Horror Scream Queen Actress Genoveva Rossi

This week I have a very special guest. A true Horror icon I am lucky to interview. The ghoulishly beautiful writer and Scream Queen of Horror, actress Genoveva Rossi.
She has an impressive horror film background displayed on with her work on Zombie Hunters: City of the Dead TV Series, In Fear Of TV Series, Night Games and Witches Blood. She is writing some very interesting articles for UK Horror Scene.
Welcome Genoveva and thank you for honoring us with this quick interview. Let’s get this interview started.
Jonuel: Which of the roles you have played has been the most fun and which has been the most challenging?
Genoveva: Good question. I loved playing Edna in Hunters; a really dark and twisted role. Also working with Linnea Quigley was awesome.  In Apocalypse Kiss I was a pregnant woman and I gave birth which was an amazing experience as an actor. Also working with Michael Berryman, Tom Atkins, and D. C. Douglas was an honor. Recently playing a funny and sexy gypsy in James Balsamo’s The Litch was lots of fun. That also features the acting of Tom Sizemore.
I was very recently in a short horror film called Mr. Bones. It was a very dramatic and powerful role for
me playing a young mother facing conflict at home with my daughter and boyfriend. There were some really powerful scenes.
Jonuel: What is a pet peeve you would like your fans to know?
Genoveva: I am totally into health, fitness, and spirituality. Also I cannot be around cigarette smoke unless it’s for a role. I hate smoking, but I did play a smoker in Skid Row, but that’s why they call it acting I guess because we step outside ourselves and embrace a character fully.
Jonuel: What Horror book would you like to see become a film production and which character role of that book would you like to play?
Genoveva: Sunglasses After Dark by Nancy A. Collins. I would definitely be Sonja Blue; a tough punk vampire.
Jonuel: How would you describe the difference in the approach and mindset of your work on Horror when comparing acting in horror roles vs writing about horror?
Genoveva: It’s a similar mindset because both are a creative mindset. Writing is more about thinking about how to articulate your words and acting is more about feeling and becoming your character. But both embrace my passion; horror.
Jonuel: Can you please tell our fans about the work you are doing now?
Genoveva: Look for me in the dramatic horror short Mr. Bones and the fantasy/sci-fi film Mr. Blueshirt: the Inspiration. It is a honor to be in James Balsamo’s upcoming film The Litch; which also has Tom Sizemore. Also I am shooting Safe Place in Orlando, Florida soon and Twincarnation in Ohio. I am very thankful to be working with such talented people in film.
Those were some great answers. OK, it is time to unleash the Blurb. Take it away Genoveva!
Thank you so much for reading ghouls
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Yours in screams,
Genoveva Rossi
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