Interview with Thriller & Horror Actress Loran Bolding

This week I have a talented actress hailing from Tuscaloosa, Alabama. I proudly present to all my readers Thriller & Horror Actress Loran Bolding! Her acting experience in our genre is clearly displayed on with her works on Beyond Dark, Redemptions Price, A Deadly Affair to Remember and A Deadly Affair to Remember II: The Final Fight.

“Her first movie roll was a teacher in the dialogue free movie Providence. She is also a screenwriter, director and producer, starting a production company with close friend Michelle Lewis called L&M Productions. Known as a natural actress, she dives into the psychology of her characters. Loran is coached and mentored by some of the best talent in the entertainment industry. She thrives on networking and connecting with other industry up and coming artist. Her main objective is to bring light into an otherwise dark industry.” –IMDB.COM

Jonuel: Welcome Loran and thank you for honoring us with this quick interview.

Loran: I am very humbled and excited that you asked, Jonuel. Thank you!

Jonuel: Let’s get this interview started.

Loran: As you wish.

Jonuel: Can you describe your acting style?

Loran: Well, I don’t really have any particular style of acting per se. I don’t like to be boxed in to a specific role or genre. That could drive the creative aspect of acting away from the actress or actor. I consider myself very versatile in my acting abilities. I have been in Faith Based movies, Psychological Thrillers, Horrors and Drama. I am now working on my comedic skills, though I have been told I am a natural comedian, I am always growing and learning my craft. I do have to say that I thrive off becoming a character that is 100 % out of my comfort zone and becoming someone I am not in reality. That is a huge thrill seeker for me.

Jonuel: Do you have any unique skills apart from your acting which you can bring to a role?

Loran: I do have many skills. I love to do accents: British, English, Irish, German, Scottish, French, southern belle, country/red neck. I took a linguistics course in college and my dad was military so we traveled everywhere and I was so quick to pick up on the accents of where we lived at the time. I also love sports; volleyball, softball, basketball, ultimate Frisbee, disc golf, tennis. I can Drive a stick shift, wield a chainsaw, ride a bike, I am an intermediate horseback rider. I can also crackle my toes, cross my eyes, karate and some flexible yoga, pilates and gymnastics.

Jonuel: Who was your favorite co-star in a movie/ theater/ TV role?

Loran: My production partner has been in several movies with me and she is my favorite co-star, her name is Michelle Lewis.

Jonuel: What would be your dream role would and what would you bring to it?

Loran: My dream is to bring something special to every character I am hired to become while bringing the writer and directors view of that character to life. I don’t really have a dream role, but I won’t lie I would love to be the heroine in a Hollywood action movie with strong female leads.

Jonuel: Can you please tell our fans about the work you are doing now?
Loran: I am working on 4 major projects this year alongside my production partner Michelle Lewis that I am writer, director, acting in and producing. The closest to film is the first of many shoots for A Deadly Affair To Remember 2 – The Final Fight. We start March 25. This is a psychological thriller about a man obsessed with his one night stand. Another is an award winning script written by my partner Michelle Lewis called Beyond Dark in which I play the leads best friend Hannah, it’s a clown thriller and so good. The third we will be working on is my personal baby that I have written and will be lead actress in called Redemptions’ Price. I am so proud of this movie. We have a phenomenal cast and crew. I see nothing but a career starting movie for a lot of our actors with this movie. It is a vampire horror movie that no one has ever seen, I can promise that. The other movie is one that I just started writing, A short film, called The Jacobs’ File, another psychological thriller that will keep the audience on the edge of their seats and gasping.
On to unleash the Blurb, take it away Loran:
One of my favorite quotes: “Their opinions will never cut me a check”. “You are only a failure if you quit.” “Nobody will care about your career as much as you do.” “Send a message to the world. Make sure you make an Impact with what you love to do.”
Thank you so much for the interview Loran. To all the fans of things that go bump in the night you can find so much more on Loran Bolding on-line by;
Visiting her on;
Snapchat: loranbolding
Instagram: loranbolding
A Deadly Affair to Remember 2 – The Final Fight:
A Deadly Affair To Remember Short Film:  Password is ADATR (Enjoy because this was my first thriller that the full feature A Deadly Affair to Remember too is based on)
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