Interview with Young Rising Talent Actress Giovanna Cappetta

This week I have an interview with a true rising star. She is the highly talented award winning young actress Giovanna ‘Gigi’ Cappetta. Her experience includes roles in;The Blacklist(TV Series),Amish Haunting, The Haunting of (TV Series).
She is also in the MMA feature film Street with Mark Ryan and Casper Smart (currently a huge hit in Europe, Asia, Russia and the number one pirated movie in Brazil!) ties ‘Deadpool’ in DVD sales in Europe and Asia.
“Gigi is a multi-award nominated actress, with a 2013 Young Artist Award Best Actress nomination for her role in the short film ‘Charity Case’ and a 2016 Young Entertainer Award Winner for Best Supporting Actress in a Motion Picture for her role opposite Beau Casper Smart in ‘Street.’” –IMDB.COM
Welcome Giovanna and thank you for honoring us with this quick interview. Let’s get this interview started.
Jonuel: Which was the hardest role you played so far and why?
Giovanna:  Hmmmmm, that’s a terrific question… I’m going to have to say Amish Girl Sarah Lapp in the Destination America pilot called “Amish Haunting.”  And the reason may surprise you, it wasn’t shooting at beautiful but very rustic historical 300 year old Amish farm called “White Chimneys” in a white-out snowstorm, and it wasn’t shooting in a lightweight Amish dress, no bathroom, freezing temperatures or the 14 hour days…but it was the doll they gave me.  The producer handed me a life size doll that looked like Annabelle, she was so creepy and I had to act like I loved her. What looked like great acting was my true life terror of this prop doll.
Jonuel: In which area would you like to improve as an actress?
Giovanna: My entire career I’ve been cast playing dark, the haunted girl, the serious child, the troubled or upset kid.  I would really like to do comedy. Big comedy. My comedy idol is Jerry Lewis. I would love to go cross-eyed on screen, walk into a wall, trip over things.  I love physical comedy.  I flew to LA this week and tested for a Disney pilot.  That’s a dream role.  My manager Daniel Rojo and I work together a lot on my scripts/auditions. Since he joined my management team my technique has really improved.  He’s taught me to go against everything I have learned before, forget it all, and how to bring me and my instincts to the character.  Don’t over practice don’t overthink don’t over rehearse.  How to not “act” but how to just be. It’s working and it’s changed everything for me.
Jonuel: Did you ever get star truck when cast with another actor/actress and what did you learn from them?

Giovanna: I see a lot of famous kids in audition rooms and it’s the Social Media Stars that never gets old!  And being on the lots like Paramount or Disney is always a thrill! I soak up every sight to see.
My mom became a talent manager after I became an actress. She was helping actors and parents of youth actors get their start so she decided to do it as a career. So she has famous clients and it’s kinda becoming normal! Brooke Hogan was our neighbor in LA and we got so close she’s “Auntie Brooke now.” She lets my sister and me play in her dressing room with her make-up and it doesn’t get better than that really. She’s even prettier in person if you can believe it. She taught my sister and me how to do the “Muppet Slap” in self-defense. I swear this is a true story!
Playing opposite Casper Smart in the MMA film STREET left me a little nervous. Well, a lot actually. And he’s everything! A gentleman, incredible dancer. He taught me dance moves.  Also I was in a movie with DORA played by Fatima Ptacek. I was little and made her say “hola, soy Dora” over and over. She was so nice about it.  I was also on set with Ralph Macchio and F. Murray Abraham which was amazing.  My mom ran smack into Murray and she just stood there and stuttered. Really embarrassing but funny. He was super nice. In my next movie STREET 2: DEATH FIGHT I’m playing opposite Mark Ryan (Bumblebee in) Transformers,Black Sails and Robin Hood. We are both reprising our roles from STREET I.
Mark Ryan plays Russian Mafia Boss Uri and the story revolves around the two of us.  I’m certain I’m going to be majorly starry-eyed for the first week on that set!
Jonuel: Where do you see yourself 5‐10 years from now?
Giovanna: Wow, I think I will be in the industry as an actress still, it’s my life plan. I think, I hope, that I’ve done great work by then so I’m on an awesome show like the new ‘Riverdale’ series, or maybe Disney or Nick series and I definitely hope there’s a STREET 3 by then too!  I have an amazing team of Daniel Rojo Management and Amy Abell-Rosenfield in LA and Mark Redanty in NYC so with team I can’t go anywhere but up!
But I split my time between NYC and LA so I really hope to be settled in one town by then! I’m planning to emancipate at age 16, get my diploma early and then I can work legal 18.  So that is the goal.  I also hope to be linked to a charity I can give a voice like animal rescue, no fur campaign and Saint Jude’s Hospital.  I want to have a chance to give back and make a difference.  I’m working on African Well Clean Water project right now through my school. It’s really important to me. Giving back is super important.  It’s also important to show girls all over the world that anything is possible.  Dreams don’t have to stay just dreams. You can accomplish anything. Dream big, think big, don’t give up.
Jonuel: Can you please tell our fans about the work you are doing now?
Giovanna:  I’m waiting for my film “The Kids From 62-F” to come out.  We are going into pre-production on STREET 2 which will film in Thailand and LA. Waiting on the final script draft at the moment. I can’t wait to read it!  I’m always looking for great indie roles.
I’m in talks to play an Italian girl in a really important movie based on this young immigrant girl who survived terrible circumstances a hundred years ago and she triumphed in a huge way and made history.  It’s a life-changing role, so I’m really hopeful it moves forward.  I am an equestrian so I have a few scripts about a girl and her horse I’m really excited about and hoping they make Aquamarine II so that I can put on my mermaid tail and play a mermaid!  I really love indie film.  It’s my heart and soul and where I got my start. I encourage any indie film seeking youth actress to send scripts my manager’s way!
On to unleash the Blurb, take it away Giovanna:
“Thank you for joining me on my journey to a life in the arts and entertainment! I am of Mediterranean descent but I’m also South American / Uruguayan. And I have a big family in Uruguay. I hope to do work that incorporates the heritage I’m so proud to have.
I’m grateful to Jonuel for showcasing my story and to all of you for tuning in.”
Thank you so much for the interview Giovanna Cappetta. To all the fans, this is a star actress you need to follow! You can find so much more on Giovanna Cappetta on-line by:

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