From Law and Order UK to Jack the Ripper: Actor Andrew Shire

This week I have an interview with Jack the Ripper, kind of. Actually, I have something even cooler than that, I have a very talented actor who has taken up the character here to give us a glimpse into his experience. I proudly present to my readers the UK’s very own actor Andrew Shire.

His work can be seen in the films Ripper (A.K.A. Razors), Egression, and Seeing Heaven and television appearances include Law & Order UK, Signals from Space and Countdown to Murder to name a handful of titles.

“Known for his unnerving portrayals of unhinged characters. Playing Wyatt Ressler in Law and Order UK, bringing to the role a man desensitized by the adult world of online pornography.

New to release is the Horror franchise “Ripper” where he plays the most notorious serial killer of all time, Jack the Ripper.”-

Welcome Andrew and thank you for honoring us with this quick interview. Let’s get this interview started. I know every other Geek who is a fan of Jack the Ripper want’s to get this started too.

Andrew: It’s my pleasure.

Jonuel: Can you describe your acting style?

Andrew: Well I’d say style predominately derives from the director, art department, costume design and so on. All you can really bring to the role in terms of style is yourself. I believe what I emit on screen is an intensity, a vulnerability and a rawness. Above all else I hope that I’m interesting to watch. That’s all we can really wish for, not to appear dull, wooden or lifeless on screen.

Jonuel: In your opinion, which could be the most challenging role you could play and why?

Andrew: I’d like to think that all roles I’ve previously performed have not been without there challenges otherwise what’s been the point?! A challenge may take the form of something as minute as, “How does my character feel about this particular person?”. They may be no indication within the script and so the challenge becomes how do I behave in that persons company? My current challenge is learning and perfecting Russian, accent as well as the language.

Jonuel: Do you have experience with improvisation and can you tell me about it?

Andrew: Being part of Broken Toaster in the early days was predominately all improvisation. We’d have an idea for a sketch or short, write out the order of what happens and go to town improvising the dialogue and movement within the scene. By the end of year one, we began to script but still have an element to our work that is loosely improvised.

I’d also say that all roles are improvised. You are given a script with what to say and where to stand. Sometimes what expressions to make, however the rest is up to you. There’s a lot of room to improvise in and around the dialogue.

Sometimes I’ll improvise a scene for camera to try a new character or revisit an old one. I think it’s known as messing about. But I guess I’m always doing improv to some degree. Think improvisation can be very freeing and can help you find the character.

Jonuel: When portraying unhinged characters, as an actor is it more liberating or does it require more concentration?

Andrew: I think it all depends on what’s written in the script to how you approach the role. No matter what character you play you have to be fully present and concentrated. As silly as it sounds, even if the character is somewhat dizzy, drunk or absent you need to be more focused. Unhinged characters are fun to play as the emotional range can be vast and these can be the most fun characters to create. What I always try to move away from is cliché characteristics.

Jonuel: Can you please tell our fans about the work you are doing now?

Andrew: Currently I’m prepping for a role in which I play a Russian seeking vengeance for the death of his brother. Some may see him as a gangster, but I see him as a business man that gets the job done. We will be going into production summer 2017. It’s directed by AJ Singh whose also the writer. It’s a great script and will make a cracking feature.

This summer you’ll be able to see the release of feature Ripper and BBC Horizon’s Signals From Space for on TV.

As always I will be writing and producing for Broken Toaster TV and have a new sketch due to go online within the month. So if you like dark comedy and enjoy the likes of Monty Python, League of Gentlemen and The Office I think you’ll love the channel. Be sure to check us out, like, subscribe and share.

On to unleash the Blurb, take it away Andrew:

I’m a man from Yorkshire, proud of it, though it’s foolish to be proud of something you have no control over. I guess the place is ingrained in me even after spending 13 years in London. As Julian Barret once said, “It’s not a place, but a state of mind”. I think to some degree that’s the truest thing that’s ever been said about the place. It stays with you and informs the way you see the world.

I’ve lived in London for 13 years and as yet have no reason to desires to move, unless the US comes a knocking.

Thank you so much for the interview Andrew Shire. To all the fans of things that go bump in the night and Jack the Ripper, you can find so much more on Andrew Shire on-line by;

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