Why do we never see a dinosaur ghost type?

This isn’t meant to be comedy piece for a dinosaur ghost type to be officially identified as a ‘Spectrosaurus’ joke, although it would be cool to hear about someone getting chased by an ectoplasmic Tyrannosaurus Rex. In line with the subject there have been an unlimited amount of reported human ghost type, ghost ships, ghost sounds and even a few ghost animals but no ghost type prehistoric animals. It would not be odd to hear about a sighting of a dinosaur ghost near their remains but this isn’t really the case even for the most dedicated ghost hunter.

But wouldn’t a ‘dinosaur ghost type’ be the same as a creature sighting?

No. A creature sighting, like Big Foot, is still among the living and have their own following and/or category. We are concentrating on the spirit presence of a passed away creature. To be more accurate those entities that fall under the synonyms of a specter, phantom or wraith.

How do we define dinosaur in with the generic word ‘ghost’?

For the purpose of this piece I will use the following definition as the basis of ghost as referred to for humans:

-“An apparition of a dead person that is believed to appear or become manifest to the living, typically as a nebulous image.”

Taking from that definition we can replace the word ‘person’ with the word ‘dinosaur’ and have a better description for this ghost type.

Now that we have a definition, why don’t we see them very often?

Good question! Is it because so much time has passed since they went extinct that all the dinosaurs have had plenty of time to move on to some kind of dino-heaven? Well if you want to accept that as the answer then sure the mystery is solved! But what about the bad dinosaurs that didn’t get the invite, wouldn’t they still be around? Dang! That puts a hole in that theory not to mention Jurassic Park made no mention of Dinosaur souls! Besides, we also have to mention that a widely accepted theory is that ghosts, or more to the point hauntings, are usually the result of a traumatic experience at the time of death. If that is 100% accurate then what could be more traumatic than being eaten by a giant predator

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OK, so what theories can we put in place to explain the lack of Dinosaur ghost types?

Since this is all theory let me give it a try by borrowing from modern spiritualist. For other animal spirits, like dogs or cats their spirits depend on intelligence. A home broken dog or cat may be aware of its body and their connection to humans so they project themselves to us while other animals only understand what it was feeling before it died. With this theory a dinosaur ghost type would take on the form of the animal’s feelings. Clearly, we don’t know the intelligence of dinosaurs so although most might be spirits in the form of emotional energy most may not be intelligent enough to hold their form.

Spiritualist accept that the older the spirit is, regardless of intelligence, the more ‘formless’ it becomes. This means even in human spirits the intelligence thought gives out to the emotional energy. Spirits get chaotic, annoyed, and fearful of the spirit world. They become nothing more than beings of emotions. A Dinosaur ghost type would be one of the oldest ones, so if they become emotional energy then they probably lost their forms millions of years ago.

That explains it right?

No. The issue I have with this type of explanation describing souls as a type of energy is that ghosts are always viewed as eternal, long after their earthly bodies have decayed. If new energy keeps coming into the world from nowhere without ever leaving, wouldn’t we be drowned in the shapeless emotional energy left by every creature that ever lived? That means the energy eventually has to go somewhere, but where did the dinosaur energy go?

Re-incarnation is a probable explanation.

Borrowing from Hinduism we could make the case for the lack of dinosaur ghosts is that their spirits have long since dissolved into the all-energy of the universe from which new souls are forged. In other words the dinosaur raw energy could have been recycled into chickens, dolphins and bees for example. This is a possible explanation for Velociraptor wraiths but I am only bouncing around silly theories to an almost silly question.

This is the best theory I can crank out but there may be other’s out there that could explain this better than I could. Say in the comments and don’t forget to smash that RSS Feed button for future articles.

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