The 3 Best Fiction Author ebook Marketing Free tools

If you are reading this, then you are an author or an aspiring author. Don’t sell yourself short no matter what people say. You wrote something and you want to get it to as many people as possible. You have imagination to put your ideas into words but you need that piece of advice to spread those words.
What will you get out of this article?
I will start with what you will not get. This article isn’t meant to place you in tomorrow mornings best-selling authors group or how to be a great writer. Heck, I am not even trying to show you what makes a good writer.
With that Out of the Way I will give advice on ebook marketing, ebook promotion and more to the point free book promotion. Free as in it will cost you time and not funds. Look at it as self-publishing guidelines full of book promotion ideas even though most of these were not intended solely as book promotion services.
1. Books 2 Read
If you went wide, then you will face the hassle of posting the multiple links to your book on every platform. You will tire of the Buy my book on Amazon this link, buy it on Barnes & Noble with this link, buy it on Ibooks on this link, or buy it blah, blah, blah.
Even if you use a URL shortener that is still a half dozen separate posts to include the Amazon Kindle international links for your book.
Enter Books 2 Read, the authors URL headache savior! It is free to use, free to create an account and cuts down on a lot of the mess. It is like combining Bitly with a central directory. You provide one valid link for your ebook and it will search most of the larger ebook distributors for that same book. Readers click the shortened Books 2 Read URL and given the choices of the different stores they can go to buy your book. It even links your book on the international distributors as well! Click to see a working example Here.
2. Thunder Clap
In a word, make your book ‘EXPLODE’ on social media. Take the concept of a Kick Starter campaign but instead of asking people to pledge money, they pledge a onetime social media share. The difference is it works like a time bomb and once it is up your books advertisement explodes all over social media at once. Instant trending explosion!
It is free to use although there is a paying option. The smallest option they have is get 100 pledges. You have to sell yourself in your AD. And you will have to put the time in social media trying to get others to pledge, even though there is internal advertising. You can pledge a post/share on your Twitter, Facebook or Tumblr accounts. I have found it is best when Authors network with each other to make their campaigns work. Here an example of a working campaign and please support it Here.
3. Copromote
This is designed for many creators but it works well for authors. Unlike Thunderclap, Copromote is a network of internal creators running co-promotion campaigns among their social media followers. You find all kinds of creators from musicians, bloggers, singers, fashion stores, amazon resellers, fashion designers, youtubers, authors, models, etc.
The social media accounts used are Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Tumbler. It is free to use but also has a paying option. When you create your account you can search the network for other Authors in your genre and follow each other, this is great for making valuable new friends.
The most important difference between Thunderclap and Copromote is ‘your Social media Followers are your currency’. You will find out after a while not every social media account ‘currency’ holds the same value depending on what you are trying to accomplish.
Twitter is the most common among the accounts used but let’s put a hypothetical situation. You are rock solid at making Facebook post and your tweets are just average, by far a share on a Facebook page from an Author in your genre with at least 1,000 followers is more valuable than a retweet to 10,000 followers of that same genre. Or maybe you are a champ in Tumblr or Instagram, so you place those shares at a higher value.
If you are interested in starting a free account and joining my network, click Here.
None of this by any means replaces the proven timely advice of Guest blogging, submitting author interviews and following other authors on twitter.
This gives you a little more knowledge on what is out there and what you can use. So go ahead and click on the links to get started or tell me what you think in the comments.
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